Friday, October 28, 2011

What I Wore: Friday Thoughts

Dress/Fancytreehouse, Collar/c/oSweet Evie, Hat/stolen from former roomie, shoes/UO
This is what I wore to grab some coffee and devour a library book in the late afternoon sunshine. Being unemployed is such a burden sometimes, you know? Mustard color is my continued obsession, but I try not to wear these shoes every day so they can stay a little special. The same with this collar from my internship. Isn't it adorable?
One of the other most wonderful parts of unemployment is all the time you have for thinking. That might scare some people, but I soak it up. There are so many ideas I've been turning over in my heart and in my head and, yes, I started journaling about them like my challenge in the previous post. Maybe I will share one or two soon!
I'll leave you with some Friday food for thought, these words from my pastor:
"Work and wealth do not validate your life, [they] do not justify your existence." This life and every experience in it is a gift, so let's start treating it that way.

DIYs coming up in my next post!

Happy Halloween weekend!

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  1. Oh, Taylor, just loved this and it made me cry! You are a treasure!