Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fashion With A Cause

Sometimes consumerism can be too much, especially after hearing stories of families in poverty stricken countries and experiencing the conditions under which they live. In America, we are beyond privileged to have the time and resources to experiment with fashion and art in this way. When I find businesses with a cause behind their name, my heart instantly attaches. Easiest way to gain my loyalty! This type of business is particularly special because it works with the people of underprivileged communities to not only provide them with money, but with a way to support themselves. Sustainable living. Skills are taught and a real job is provided to these people. As a business/marketing major, this is so important! People value the money they make with their own hard work the most, and the chance of falling back into poverty decreases greatly.

MADE creates designs and then sources the production of the accessories to East Africa where the principles of fair trade are implemented to provide people with jobs and empowerment. I poured over the website and picked my 10 favorites of the moment. If you know me at all, then you know I possess the curse of indecision, especially when I love everything! So yes, these are my favorites of the "moment". Also, it's all in euros, so I feel like it's much cheaper. I will never get a hang of that conversion rate!

Monday, July 11, 2011



The lighting in these pictures is divine. It is amazing how the amount of the lighting, the angle, and the color can change a scene so completely. The manipulation of lighting is an art form all by itself. Right now, the lighting feels a little dreamlike, hence my post inspiration. I'll take a little mid day dream anytime! And to catch all these beautiful daytime dreams, I have another DIY for you! You guessed it, a dream catcher... I wasn't subtle about it...

In the past, I've used the following video to help teach me how to make a traditional dreamcatcher. I changed one major thing by using thread instead of sinew. You can choose from any color and, most likely, there's some already lying around your house. I've also used shells instead of feathers for more of a beachy feel. It's fairly simply and so fun to experiment with different combinations of thread and decorations!

Photo credit: my roomie :)

I hope you're having a lovely day! Be inspired!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Color DIY

Before we moved into our wonderful, little apartment, I picked up this book while visiting a friend in Portland. With the perfect name, "Decorating Your First Apartment" (by Paige Gilchrist), and all the lovely ideas, I could not pass it up! This is the first project I've completed out of the book and I'm in love with it. Everytime I walk by the window I find myself with a huge smile. There's such a happy glow about the room now. And no more ugly blinds!

Stained Glass Windows

-spray adhesive
-tissue paper
(that simple!)

First, find your window and decide which colors you want to use (Lighter colors work better to let more light through).

Measure your windows and cut out the pieces from the celophane and tissue paper. I used measuring and cutting tools I had from sewing, but a ruler and scissors/razor blade/exacto knife would work just as well.

Then spray the window pane with the adhesive and carefully stick it on. No worries if you mess up since the adhesive is repositioning!
And in 3 easy steps, you have a stained glass window, DIY style! You can also try layering the colors, or, if you're really ambitious, cutting different shapes. Have fun!

With all this color decorating our apartment, I'm inspired to wear brighter colors too!

Like this:

or this:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Francisco Dreaming

Not having a job makes jet setting up and down California quite easy. And gives me a reason to use the term "jet setting" (only trying to make traveling between my parent's and home more glamorous). Maybe next time it will be Italy. Nothing to tie me down or stop me from last minute plans. Last week, I flew home for a few days and could not stay away from San Francisco. Out of any city I've traveled to, San Francisco will always be in my top 3 favorites. I would live here, but I don't want the novelty to ever wear off. Quirky, fun, unique. All brilliant qualities of a city and all lovely elements of style.
I'm a sucker for cleverly named clothing pieces and these ones were all about San Francisco. Now I just want to buy a dress for every city I visit!
Eyelet My Heart In San Francisco Dress

Vintage Haight-Ashbury Necklace

Living In The City One Shoulder Dress

Cole Street Flat Top

And here's a peak into my trip to San Francisco! I got all the eating ideas from the blog, Bleubird Vintage. The most delicious experience. Always new places to try in the city!
Tapas and Sangria at Cha, Cha, Cha. YUM!

Bubbles on Haight St.
Amazing little bakery. Couldn't stay away from the macarons! (Wearing: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Nordstrom BP, Elephant necklace: Forever21)

Mocha, Peanut Butter, Blood Orange, and Lemon. Taking note of these for the next time I attempt to make macarons!

Macarons at the Marina. Dreamy.
Beautiful Palace of Fine Arts.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summertime Goals

I have this friend, a previous roomie who I like to still refer to as my roommate. I know, I know, not accurate and slightly confusing, but all my roomies have been so great. I hate to refer to them in past tense. It's as though something tragic happened and I must put it behind me. So, I have this roommate that would always ask about goals, for the semester, for the summer, for the weekend (It's a perfect conversation starter. Try it!) and I believe it is critical to share these goals or they will never happen. Somehow when ideas are out in the open they become more real and doable instead of dreams floating around in mind space.

Here are my top 3 goals:

1. Spend more of my time experimenting with art, collaging, and other DIY projects.We have quite a few empty walls left in our apartment that will be perfect canvases for my work. Not to mention an apartment warming. I'm loving art walls, eclectic furniture, and fairytale lighting.  Your home should be a place you feel inspired!

Amazing DIY for shelves!

Art Wall Inspiration. Perfect way to create a unique wall displaying your miscellaneous knick knacks and artwork.

Lovely tutorial. I can't say no to key inspiration!

2. Take more risks. Apply for the job that seems out of reach. Mix patterns. Wear bright colors. Do something crazy or unexpected.

3. Be healthy. At this point that means giving up grains, sugars, and most dairy products for a week while working with a nutritionist to determine the best foods for my body. Goodbye ice cream, oreos, bread, and pasta. At least I can still eat a hamburger... minus the bun. Extremely difficult, but hopefully so worth it!

What are your summer goals?

*Special thanks to Brittan for this post idea. Check out her blog. She's the cutest and her blog always inspires!