Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give the Gift of Make Believe

Love this promo video made by LA-based, Make Believe Clothing Co. And love their line of graphic tees, which means a lot since the only t-shirts I own, I wear to bed (or maybe hiking). I think I'd do these more justice and actually let them see the light of day.

This one is my favorite. I know. It's not even really a t-shirt. Go figure. I'm a sucker for the word dreamer though.

I'm also crushing on these deisgns:

Happy December!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because it involves 2 of my favorite things: family and food. I can't wait to one day help with the cooking of the meal instead of just the eating (although that is quite enjoyable), but until then, I will experiment and find the best recipes. These sweet potato and marshmallow biscuits from Smitten Kitchen look way too delicious to pass up. Come Saturday when I'm going through Thanksgiving food withdrawals, this will be my new project.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! So thankful for all the love and support in my life! It's the small things that matter most. What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creative DNA

"If you understand the strands of your creative DNA, you begin to see how they mutate into common threads in your work. You begin to see the story that you're trying to tell; why you do the things you do (both positive and self-destructive); where you are strong and where you are weak (which prevents a lot of false starts); and how you see the world and function in it." 
Twyla Tharp (American dancer, director, and choreographer) 

I found the above quote while reading this wonderful book and I couldn't help but stop and reflect.

Creativity encodes itself into everyone's DNA. The way it forms and takes shape is what makes us unique. For some it is sculpture, collaging, painting, for others photography, writing, cooking, and still others find it in business plans or curing diseases. It is about making something original. Using your imagination. Innovating. Expressing a vision. What is your signature style? In what materials and tools does your passion lay? My creativity is messy and eclectic. My mind is constantly running in a hundred directions, but I love color, dimension and texture, and things that don't follow any sort of guideline. Making something from nothing. I find myself using fabric, paint, pictures, paper, items found in nature. Everyone discovers their spark in something different. What is spark? What is your story?

Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Wall Art

coloring page from Flower Fairies Alphabet Coloring Book
Let's think back to Kindergarten for a moment... didn't you love coloring? Whether or not you drew inside the lines is another story, I know, but with each crayon color you made, that picture came to life. I think it's kind of magical and a total ego booster for those of us with limited drawing abilities. I never could draw those figures in the coloring books, but somehow when I'm done adding color, it becomes my own perfect piece of art. So that is why I'm here to reopen your eyes to the world of crayon coloring. Pick some cute pages from a forlorn coloring book, copy a page or two, and color them in. Realistic, abstract, only your favorite colors... whatever your heart desires! Then give them a home in a thrift store frame or an empty one collecting dust in your closet. Instant wall art and you even relived a piece of your childhood in the process. Add a Disney movie and the experience is complete. I'll admit I watched Tangled.

If you are are looking for an even simpler idea, give new life to those old postcards. Frame them up and display. Perfect, inexpensive art! I have quite a few decorating my walls right now.

Have a wonderful week and drink something warm and autumn-y!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Obsessions #2

1. This wall art.

2. This marriage proposal featured on Green Wedding Shoes. One of the most creative, beautiful ones I've seen... I'll admit I shed a tear.

3. This look from Modcloth's new lookbook.

4. This Etsy shop, Fancy Clothes. Late birthday present for me!

5. This print technique. The more unusual, the better.