Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabric DIY

Recently, I inherited piles and piles of fabric samples. Crafter's dream come true! So many possibilities, it can be a little intimidating to starting creating. I started simply with the above card. (It's my Dad's birthday today, so special!) Mixing the prints and patterns was so fun and simple. Next time you have scraps, homemade cards are the perfect way to recycle!

I thought I should plunge in with something slightly more complex though. My next project was a small envelope pouch.

Here's what I did:

  • Fabric
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Snaps or Velcro
  • Button (optional)


1. Pick fabric and measure out your two pieces. Measurements will vary depending on desired size. I made mine 8" wide by 5" height and 8" by 8".
2. Cut out pieces with rotary cutter and mat.

3. Make a triangle at the top of your taller piece, pinning one side and cutting off the excess material on the other to create a point. Unpin and cut off the excess material on that side.

4. Hem the edges. First pin one side of the triangle and the top of the smaller piece of the fabric. Sew. Repeat on other side of the triangle.

5. Place the two pieces of fabric with right sides facing each other. Pin the sides and sew.

6. Turn right side out.

7. Hand sew one part of the snap at center of the overlapping triangle and the corresponding piece on the body of the pouch.
8. Sew button on top for decoration.

Perfect for all your little treasures!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring Equinox

The first day of Spring is March 20th. I can barely wait! Sunshine is my happy place. I'm counting my blessings, especially those little things I usually take for granted, like living in a city where rain is a novelty. We break out our pea coats at 60 degrees, I mean really? Talk about spoiled.
I'm looking forward to pretty, spring dresses and lazy, beach days. These videos are just the perfect inspiration right now!

Lauren Moffatt Spring 2012 - Behind the Scenes from Lauren Moffatt on Vimeo.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Beads and Braids

Maybe talking about the new year is a little out dated already, but seriously, this year is going to be amazing. I can feel it. So many possibilities. Usually, I like to fill up the future's vast unknown with hopes and dreams, even if none of them actually come to fruition. It's just kind of comforting. But this year I'm trying to be content with the present. Let the unknown be the unknown.
Not that I don't have goals or spend anytime dreaming. We all know that would be a lie.
(I think I spent an extra half an hour in bed this morning so I could keep dreaming. Is that normal?)
There are just too many good things happening to rush through them. And the hard things, well I think they should be appreciated too. So here I am enjoying a wonderful, new internship at Marked Showroom in downtown LA. Couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity!

Last week I worked on a simple project this DIY inspired. Accessories are the perfect way to avoid boredom with your wardrobe, and handmade, unique ones are even better. Using materials already on hand: triple better. I used colored hemp I had laying around and beads from a huge bag I snagged for $2 from the FIDM scholarship store. If you haven't been. GO. No regrets.
For the most part, I followed the DIY instructions, but I added a funky, focal bead. Just add knots on either side of the center bead to secure the beads in the braid. Now to experiment with more variations and make a pretty stack for my wrist!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Magnetic Forces

Sometimes I just want to float away to Europe and walk the streets of Paris, peer into the old churches of Rome, and explore centuries old history. Until the pull becomes so strong that there's no choice but to cross the ocean to another far away place, I'll just dream of Nutella filled crepes eaten in the glow of the Eiffel Tower. What are you dreaming about?

Winter Dream

Tshirt dress, $28
Zara heel boots, $100
Forever 21 bracelets bangle, $6.80
H M sheer shawl, £7.99

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spin Me Round

Have you ever felt like a week is moving so fast, yet so slow? This first week of 2012 has proven to be quite a whirlwind, both good and bad. I like to focus on the positive though. Too many wonderful parts of life to do otherwise. Like gorgeous, warm weather, two internship interviews, homemade chai, inspiring, live music, and the best company. Sometimes you have to face and work through uncertainty and difficult emotions. That's where the greatest self-discovery and creative expression can be uncovered.

I found the spark for my first project of the year in lovely store window displays. I knew a few colorful pinwheels would be the perfect addition to a mostly blank wall in my apt. Luckily my roommate is easy going with my constant art projects!

DIY Pinwheel Wall Art

Materials Needed:

  • Magazines/Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. Choose your piece of paper or magazine page.
2. Fold the bottom edge over. Make it thicker or thinner depending on how tight you want the folds to be or how much of the paper pattern you want to see.
3. Continue folding to the front and then the back until you make an accordion.
4. Fold paper in half and glue in the middle.
Repeat 1-4 to make 2 more of these pieces.
5. Glue the 3 pieces together to form a circle.
Repeat the process until you have enough pinwheels in varying sizes to make your own unique design. Then decorate your wall!

Hope you have a beautiful Monday!