Saturday, August 13, 2011

In a Bottle

Message in a bottle. Genie in a bottle. Fill in the blank. Right now I'm experimenting with flowers in a bottle. If you haven't guessed, my new inspiration is from these pretty glass containers. I love all the colors, shapes, and sizes. I can't bear to part with a single one that passes through our apartment. So here begins my collection of empty wine, tea, and soda bottles, applesauce and pasta sauce jars. Maybe I'll try some traditional candles in a bottle like this or go a little Alice & Wonderland like this and this. Or maybe I'll fill them with fairy lights or cover the outside with decorations. The possibilities are endless! Recycle and reuse right?

Here's a look at my new garden... I snipped a few clippings from the neighborhood vines. Shhh. I hope this survives longer than my other plant projects. I've recently discovered I might have the green thumb of death. My oregano decided to fall over and never get back up again, and my tomato plant is clinging to it's last hints of life. Though, I keep hoping it will magically resurrect with enough water. I'll blame the hot LA sun, but more likely it's my gardening techniques. That's why I'm going the route of hydroponics. At least I can't forget to water?

And here's some more bottles just waiting to be the focus of a new project:

One person's trash is another's future DIY materials!

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  1. Love your creativity, daughter! you are constantly an amazement; and if you can't create a following and a business and become rich from all of this, I don't know who can!