Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bows, Bows, Bows

New rule to live by: You can never have too many bows. 
It's amazing that a piece of nothing can become something so cute when tied in the right way. Sigh. I wonder who discovered the bow? Or is it something we've always known to do? Such a practical idea turned into a classic staple. I love it!
I also love this idea for shoe clips (floral bow. dream.). Bows anytime, on any shoe!
And this bow for your hair with a bow pattern? Yes please. 
Oh and these collars with the vintage bow pins. So pretty! I'm proud to say these are made exclusively by the woman I intern for. Sweet Evie. Check out more designs here.
I need to stop finding bow items before this blog becomes a list days long, so one last thing: this adorable swimsuit/bandeau set

P.s. Here's my new project for the week. Maybe I'll add a bow to the waist!


  1. wow, good job, Taylor! I hope you are successful with your skirt project! love the collar necklace; now I see what you were trying to describe to me. Very cute.

  2. Swimsuit is adorable - I wish I had the youthful body to wear it!