Monday, February 13, 2012

Be Mine.

Tomorrow is the national day of love, otherwise known as Valentine's Day. While I'm not so into the consumerism that backs this holiday, I whole-heartedly support time to recognize those people who bless my life (although this should happen more than once a year). I will also admit my love for hearts and it is the perfect excuse to overindulge my need to put this shape on everything!
For me, Valentine's day isn't about pointing out singleness or even gushing over a crush. I believe it is simply appreciating the love you have in your life. It's so easy to get caught up in what we don't have or what we need to accomplish, life's day-to-day anxieties. But I have such beautiful hearted people in my life, and I never want to take that for granted. I'm a very lucky girl, so here's a little love note to you all:

I care about you. About who you are and who you will become. I appreciate your quirks. I appreciate the little, as well as the big, things you do for me. Thank you for listening. Thank you for investing in my life. Thank you for laughs and adventures. And most of all, thanks for being you! I hope you feel extra love coming your way, because you deserve every bit of it!

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  1. What a beautiful Valentine,Taylor; you have such a big heart. Whoever is in your life is so blessed to know you!