Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bow Pretty

I suppose I can't hide my love of bows. Not that I was trying. But here is my second post featuring bows. What delightful creations. Perfectly girly and pretty.

I found a tutorial for fabric bows here. There are probably hundreds of them out there in Googleland, but this is the one my cursor landed on and the instructions were easy to follow. There are other, faster tutorials with the use of a sewing machine, but I like the satisfaction of hand sewing sometimes. So organic. I made my bows a bit bigger. For the starting piece of fabric, one was 9.5" by 4.5", and the other, 8.5" by 3", approximately. If you haven't noticed, I like to improvise.

Inspirations to make the most of your bows: hair clips, bow ties, belt accents (as pictured below), pin to a shirt, dress, or shoes, add to a necklace, decorate a journal, a purse, or a wallet. Bows are quite versatile. Add anywhere to give an extra level of cuteness!

Happy bow making!


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