Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Obsessions #1

Although I like to think summer is my favorite season with all the sun and beach opportunities, Autumn is nearest to my heart. The beginning of the holidays, spices, hot drinks, deep, rich colors, snuggling in cozy blankets, and walks in the crisp air... the list could go on. Though I'll admit I'm spoiled in LA, where "crisp" is other places' warm and beach days are still on the schedule. But I'm always obsessing over one thing or another so here are my current obsessions, heavily Autumn inspired.


Red Velvet Lookbook / Fall 2011 from elsie larson on Vimeo.

If you want these looks in your closet as much as I do, go here.

2. VANILLA CHAI & MUSTARD SEED CAFE. I know this season is all about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. A vanilla chai can be enjoyed year round, but that's only because they are the most delicious drink found on this earth. Exaggeration much? Well I did say these were my obsessions. And Mustard Seed Cafe is my favorite local place to drink these delicious concoctions. If you're in the Los Feliz/LA area, don't miss this gem of a place.

This is my favorite kind to make at home. Elephant Vanilla Chai (buy it here). I'm thinking the 4lb bag. Don't judge.

3. SWEET POTATOES. This probably sounds silly, but I dare you to try baking one. It's good even without the loads of butter, sour cream and cheese. Can your run-of-the-mill, Russet potato say that? I'm not convinced.
Sweet potatoes are especially tasty with pecans, like this recipe.
Instant taste of Fall!
Let me go google some more recipes right now...

4. BB DAKOTA on Modcloth. Particularly this cardigan.

Look at those beautiful Fall leaf colors!  All I want is to snuggle up with the above mentioned vanilla chai and a good read (possibly the new design*sponge at home book.). Sigh.

5. LAURA MARLING. A Creature I Don't Know just released this week. You won't regret spending your money on this one. Her voice is flawless and perfectly haunting. Autumn as represented by music and moving pictures:


  1. LOVE the cardigan!! If only C:


  2. Yes, it is beautiful! I will be saving up my pennies! :)