Friday, June 17, 2011

Sun Shine Please

The beginning of any relationship, whether on the Internet or in person can be awkward. I prefer the nice, cozy place where you eagerly look forward to time spent with that person and pauses are as natural as excited conversation. So I will attempt to start this blog in just such a position.

I interviewed for an entry level buyer position at Buffalo Exchange today. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that I'm offered the job! It's a requirement to research trends and stay up to date on the latest fashion news. Sounds like dreamy homework. If homework ever deserves such an adjective as “dreamy”.

Even with all this June gloom, I can't help but roll down the windows as I drive and soak in whatever sun rays manage to reach me. In honor of those valiant rays, here's a little list of my summer essentials:

-A cute bikini, because who doesn't love soaking up a little Vitamin D, whether by the pool or at the beach. I like this one, or this one, and this one. Now to save up my pennies.

-These sandals. I have barely stopped wearing them since they were purchased in May. Thanks go to graduating, Mom, and UO. The perfect walking, interviewing, going out, adventuring sandal.

-No summer day is complete without a delicious, cold treat. Ice cream, sorbet, granita, gelato, frozen yogurt... whatever form it takes, it is irresistible, or maybe I just have the worst sweet tooth. These two recipes sound like summer: Lemon Mint Granita and Chocolate Sorbet.

-Of course you also need the perfect, effortless dress/romper to dance around in under the sun rays. I'm a sucker for florals, any season. Thankfully, you can get away with that when the sun shines year round in LA. Please don't let florals ever go out of style!
Always In Motion Dress

Peony Lane Romper
Prairie Home Companion Dress
Table for Two Dress

-And a journal to remember all your summer adventures and travels in. What could be better than this DIY? Recycled. Personal. Unique.

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  1. This is so much fun to read! I love the great photos and how your personality shines through what you are sharing. Can't wait to see your next one!

  2. Good start Taylor! You certainly have a lot of interests and this blog will help you explore them (fashion, food, writing...).

    Wishing you great success with your interviews! I was an executive recruiter for over 20 years & have (obviously) interview hundreds of people. If you need any interviewing tips, don't be shy about reaching out.

    Love the "always in motion" dress --- way way cute!

    Heidi & Atticus
    "commentary to give you paws..."

  3. We have had a lot of gray and gloom so far this summer where I live, so these pictures and images of summer were delightful! Have to say--hope you are using some sunscreen with all the sun you are seeking out. (OK, now I'll leave you alone about that.)

    It's quite interesting to see how a selection of fun clothes and items creates a portrait of a person. Glad to meet you.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    "My cat owns me, my clutter stymies me, my writing frees me. Word maven loves--and learns from--ordinary life."

  4. Hi Taylor,

    so nice to read your blog! I loved the combination of different items that are you :) Looking forward to finding out more about you and good luck with the application,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

  5. Hi Tayor, Lovely to see you diving into the world of blogging. I love getting to know people this way best of all. Hope things work out with the job application. No matter what happens, you're on track.

    Fiona Stolze

  6. Love, love, love the Always in Motion dress! And so glad you joined the blogging group. Good luck with the job - please do let us know.
    Louise Edington
    Fabulous and Fearless

  7. Thanks for all your feedback! I'm so excited to be starting this and see where it goes!

  8. The perfect post for for mid summer..welcome, you are now officially a blogger! This post shows the fun side of you and i look forward to reading more of them. Good luck with the job (we are going through the same things as hubby interviewed for one yesterday)

    Julie Labes: The Fun-Loving, Feisty, Fearless, Frisky, Fierce Over 50 Traveler

  9. I'm catching up on some older posts from our blogging group and am happy to come back to this one. What a fun post! Loved the dresses (and, of course, the chocolate sorbet!). How did the interview go? My fingers are crossed for you!

    caregiving. family. advocacy.