Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day On the Town

What a gorgeous day! Not a plan in sight. A break from errands and interviews. Since living in Los Feliz, my favorite activity has been walking downtown to explore and soak in the atmosphere. I jump at any chance to take a visiting friend around the little area, showing them my favorite bookstore, ice cream shop, and cute thrift stores.
Today, I perused the fashion magazine section of the bookstore, wishing I could justify the hefty price for imported glamour. It took all self control not to grab that Vogue Italia and make a purchase. Obviously it would be the perfect tool to practice my Italian. A necessity. Instead I flipped through every magazine of interest from cover to cover, nervously wondering if the saleslady knew I had no intention of buying. Oops, this isn't a library?
Today I also thought about how much I love this golden mustard yellow. I could wear this skirt every day.

(Skirt: Forever 21)

And I just rediscovered this purse. I don't know how I ever lost interest. That owl is cutest.

Purse: BP Nordstrom

Hoping to add these to my yellow collection soon:
Seychelles "Chirp"

Arizona Sun Dress

Zoey Bow Indie Hairpin

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  1. Another fanciful and happy post that uplifted my day! Love the yellow -- such a joyful color! I remember those shoes from Therapy -- you should have gotten those then!