Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Suburban Sunlight

Sometimes it's nice to leave the city and relax a little in suburbia. That's not a thought I express too often, but there's definitely a sense of relief when I find myself in an area where the whole street is available for parking.

I'll admit, I'm a true city girl at heart. Through thick and thin. I'll defend LA, even when I could string off a list of complaints and criticisms at a moment's notice. But who can't find negatives about anything if they try hard enough? It's much easier to dwell in the positive. Thinking about the opportunities and culture a city offers gives me butterflies. But suburbia provides the perfect refuge to slow down. Rent a movie and stay inside. Or have a photoshoot in the street, because the cars are that scarce!

Amidst the city lights, my frenzied brain needs a reminder: It's ok to relax. It's ok if I don't do everything. It's ok if I stay in on a Friday night. The world is constantly speeding around us, through us, but let's not lose sight of the value in breathing and resting in the moment.

 Blouse: Native (local boutique)
Lace skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Modcloth

<3 Taylor

*Special thanks to my photographer, Brittan.

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