Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let It Snow!

I love snow. It sparkles in the sun. It crunches under your feet. And it makes everything look cozy and romantic under it's white blanket.
*Keep in mind this is all coming from a naive Californian who has never driven in or shoveled snow in her life. I prefer the fairytale image.
But the only way LA can experience some of this magical substance is to make it themselves. Since I can't afford a snow machine, I'm cutting it out of paper (low budget). I wanted something a little more interesting than your typical childhood paper flakes, so I found a couple great instructional sites on Pinterest. This will be filling my spare time for the next couple days.

If you want to be scientifically accurate and create some 6-pointed snowflakes, click here.

Or get really crazy and go for the 8-pointed flakes. So pretty!

Once I get enough cut, maybe I'll try making something like this.

No need to buy. Find something to hang with, such as a hoop or branches, and some thread or string to dangle the snowflakes. Simple.

Add your pretty flakes to packages, windows, walls, trees, or candle votives. Hang from your car's rearview mirror or on your bedframe.

If you live in LA and still need your fill of snow that you can actually feel, head over to The Grove for snowfall at 7 and 8 pm until the 31st. Or, my personal favorite, snowfall while you ice skate at The W Hotel in Westwood. Somebody needs to take me there asap (*hint hint*).


  1. Will you make me some snowflakes? I love snowflakes!

  2. Yes of course! I'll bring some in my suitcase!