Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Chalkboard To-Do List

Hello All!

I hope you are having a lovely week. The sun has decided to show it's lovely, warm face, so I'm pretty content. I'm also so thankful for longer days and the opportunity to take pictures in the sunlight still lingering after work! It's the little things.
I want to share a little DIY I've had in process and finally finished yesterday. I love to make lists, mostly To-Do lists, but really for anything. There's something therapeutic about the process, even if I never look at the list again. Anyone with me?
Well, I wanted to stop using up so much paper with all these lists, and I've always wanted to make my own chalkboard paint, so my craft project was born. I followed this tutorial for my base chalkboard paint. I painted on an extra 8" x 10" canvas I had laying around, but something more sturdy might work better (also maybe something bigger, haha).

Recently, I've become obsessed with triangles. All the ideas floating around in my mind come out involving this shape, and I'm going along with it. I wanted to add a little detail to my chalkboard so I gathered a bunch of different materials and paper and cut... you guessed it... triangles!

Then I centered the first triangle and placed the others alternating up and down until I reached the edges. My triangles didn't all quite fit so I just trimmed the edges so they were flush with the canvas. Next, I glued them all on using a bit of Elmer's glue. It was a simple process and I wanted to continue all the way around as a border, but decided I needed that space for my all the items on my lists.

And the finished product turned out perfectly cute and practical! Just the way I like it. It would be perfect to write dinner menues on for kitchen display or parties. Maybe even a sweet note to the roomie or significant other. Have fun creating your own, personalized chalkboard!

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