Monday, January 16, 2012

Beads and Braids

Maybe talking about the new year is a little out dated already, but seriously, this year is going to be amazing. I can feel it. So many possibilities. Usually, I like to fill up the future's vast unknown with hopes and dreams, even if none of them actually come to fruition. It's just kind of comforting. But this year I'm trying to be content with the present. Let the unknown be the unknown.
Not that I don't have goals or spend anytime dreaming. We all know that would be a lie.
(I think I spent an extra half an hour in bed this morning so I could keep dreaming. Is that normal?)
There are just too many good things happening to rush through them. And the hard things, well I think they should be appreciated too. So here I am enjoying a wonderful, new internship at Marked Showroom in downtown LA. Couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity!

Last week I worked on a simple project this DIY inspired. Accessories are the perfect way to avoid boredom with your wardrobe, and handmade, unique ones are even better. Using materials already on hand: triple better. I used colored hemp I had laying around and beads from a huge bag I snagged for $2 from the FIDM scholarship store. If you haven't been. GO. No regrets.
For the most part, I followed the DIY instructions, but I added a funky, focal bead. Just add knots on either side of the center bead to secure the beads in the braid. Now to experiment with more variations and make a pretty stack for my wrist!

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  1. That is so very cool! It looks like something you would like/wear! and it is so good to know you are enjoying what is happening in your life right now. Love you!