Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summertime Goals

I have this friend, a previous roomie who I like to still refer to as my roommate. I know, I know, not accurate and slightly confusing, but all my roomies have been so great. I hate to refer to them in past tense. It's as though something tragic happened and I must put it behind me. So, I have this roommate that would always ask about goals, for the semester, for the summer, for the weekend (It's a perfect conversation starter. Try it!) and I believe it is critical to share these goals or they will never happen. Somehow when ideas are out in the open they become more real and doable instead of dreams floating around in mind space.

Here are my top 3 goals:

1. Spend more of my time experimenting with art, collaging, and other DIY projects.We have quite a few empty walls left in our apartment that will be perfect canvases for my work. Not to mention an apartment warming. I'm loving art walls, eclectic furniture, and fairytale lighting.  Your home should be a place you feel inspired!

Amazing DIY for shelves!

Art Wall Inspiration. Perfect way to create a unique wall displaying your miscellaneous knick knacks and artwork.

Lovely tutorial. I can't say no to key inspiration!

2. Take more risks. Apply for the job that seems out of reach. Mix patterns. Wear bright colors. Do something crazy or unexpected.

3. Be healthy. At this point that means giving up grains, sugars, and most dairy products for a week while working with a nutritionist to determine the best foods for my body. Goodbye ice cream, oreos, bread, and pasta. At least I can still eat a hamburger... minus the bun. Extremely difficult, but hopefully so worth it!

What are your summer goals?

*Special thanks to Brittan for this post idea. Check out her blog. She's the cutest and her blog always inspires!


  1. Awe, thanks Tay! Im glad my obsessive goal drivenness is a point of inspiration! lol. Miss you! xo

  2. This is great, Taylor! Good for you for setting goals...that can be so hard to do but is the first step toward achieving what you want. So nice that Brittan could inspire you; you are now inspiring me to set some goals, too!

  3. Brittan, you are always an inspiration!