Thursday, July 7, 2011

Color DIY

Before we moved into our wonderful, little apartment, I picked up this book while visiting a friend in Portland. With the perfect name, "Decorating Your First Apartment" (by Paige Gilchrist), and all the lovely ideas, I could not pass it up! This is the first project I've completed out of the book and I'm in love with it. Everytime I walk by the window I find myself with a huge smile. There's such a happy glow about the room now. And no more ugly blinds!

Stained Glass Windows

-spray adhesive
-tissue paper
(that simple!)

First, find your window and decide which colors you want to use (Lighter colors work better to let more light through).

Measure your windows and cut out the pieces from the celophane and tissue paper. I used measuring and cutting tools I had from sewing, but a ruler and scissors/razor blade/exacto knife would work just as well.

Then spray the window pane with the adhesive and carefully stick it on. No worries if you mess up since the adhesive is repositioning!
And in 3 easy steps, you have a stained glass window, DIY style! You can also try layering the colors, or, if you're really ambitious, cutting different shapes. Have fun!

With all this color decorating our apartment, I'm inspired to wear brighter colors too!

Like this:

or this:


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Looks fantastic! Maybe you should be considering becoming an interior decorator?? Good job,Taylor!

  2. tayti!! this is so awesome!!