Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life In Color

I've been itching to write another blog post for weeks, but the month of July demanded my undivided attention. All my ideas and thoughts are dying to spill out now!

I thought after I finished school summer might lose a little of it's magic, but it is just as sunny and full of possibilities. Days spent with friends and family in the company of art, music, movies, and the gorgeous outdoors. It's a beautiful time. I've missed staying indoors crafting, although I've found time for a few small projects I can't wait to share soon. My August must incude more arts and crafts for the soul, you know?

Living in a place where the actual seasons are so mildly different, you could blink and miss the change, has caused me to appreciate the seasons of self. They aren't defined by a calendar or weather pattern. For the past year, I've been in what I would define as "winter". A little icy, a little fragile, maybe even a little treacherous, yet allowing for perseverance and cleansing. Full of spring's seedlings peaking out. But now is my time to appreciate life's color. Now is my summer. Not just in the temporal, emotional sense, but deep in my heart. The kind of feeling that comes from the inside out, where I am giving rather than receiving. Every season is one of beauty, and with this change I appreciate my new season even more profoundly. What season are you in?

<3 Taylor

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  1. Taylor I am so happy to know you are out of winter and into summer! Love the photo! how did you do that? is that you?? anyway, I love too how you describe the seasons we all experience throughout our I have lived a lot more years, I can look back and see them quite clearly. Now? I believe I am definitely in the season of summer also where many of my dreams are ripening and bearing fruit and the promises of a Fall harvest are exciting!