Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creative Process

Recently, I've been wrapped up in researching and collecting different craft project ideas. The only problem is that somewhere along the creative process I lost inspiration. Does anyone ever feel that way? Like it's not the right timing. Sometimes you have to wait for the idea to grow, to manifest in the physical what is abstract in your mind. Instead of pushing too hard or allowing myself to become overwhelmed, I went back to the basics. I love collaging. Putting pretty and unique pieces together to create something meaningful. It's like a puzzle, but with endless outcomes. I've been working on this collage for the past few days and already it looks different than these pictures. It reminds me that this life is ever in process. That sometimes there is more than one right answer. That you can end with a beautiful picture in multiple ways. Sometimes simple is best and the answer is right before our eyes.

So here's to re-inspiration in the things we love most.

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